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Spotlight On: Bye Bye Birdie - Broadway Musical Featuring John Stamos and Gina Gershon


Bye Bye Birdie will return to Broadway this fall starring John Stamos (Albert Peterson), Gina Gershon (Rose Alvarez) & Bill Irwin (Mr. Harry MacAfee) with Jayne Houdyshell (Mrs. Mae Peterson) & Dee Hoty (Mrs. MacAfee) and as “Conrad Birdie” Nolan Funk.


The exuberant rock n' roll smash hit returns to Broadway for the first time in almost 50 years! It's 1960, and hip-swingin' teen idol Conrad Birdie has been drafted into the army. But don't worry girls! His manager Albert has cooked up a plan to send him off with a swell new song and one last kiss from a lucky teenage fan...on “The Ed Sullivan Show”! Featuring a score with more pop than a pack of bubble gum, including “A Lot of Livin' to Do,” “Kids,” and “Put on a Happy Face,” it's impossible to resist the charms of this Tony Award®-winning musical!


An aside: I adore Bye Bye Birdie. I sat in the Roundabout Theater at the show's opening night in 2009. Jump ahead to 2020. During the shut down / sheltering in place phase of the Covid 19 pandemic when it hit NYC like a sledge hammer in early April, I watched loads of movies. When I saw Bye Bye Birdie (1995 version) starring Jason Alexander, Vanessa Williams, and Tyne Daly was available on Amazon Prime, I immediately watched it that evening. I also watched the 1963 version of Bye Bye Birdie starring Janet Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, and Ann-Margret. Am I a fan or what! Now that the 2020 election is mostly over, just waiting for the failures of the lawsuits questioning the legitimacy of the votes, I just might watch the 1995 version again. Obviously the theatre scene as we have known it in NYC is on a long pause. I feel for all the people involved in the preforming arts who are out of work. The industry impacts so many behind the scenes folks as well as the actual performers, musicians etc.

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Bye Bye Birdie has a book by Michael Stewart, music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Lee Adams and will be directed & choreographed by Robert Longbottom.


Henry Miller's Theatre, 124 West 43rd Street
(Between B'way & 6th Avenue)
TeleCharge: 212.239.6200   Toll-Free: 800.432.7250

Opening Night – October 15, 2009


2009 Macy's Thanksgiving Parade - Bye Bye Birdie


Roundabout Theatre Company (Todd Haimes, Artistic Director) presents the first new Broadway production of BYE BYE BIRDIE, after a 48 year absence, as the inaugural production of the new Henry Miller's Theatre (124 West 43rd Street) which began Thursday, September 10th, 2009 with an official opening on Thursday, October 15th, 2009. This will be a limited engagement through January 10th, 2010.


BYE BYE BIRDIE stars John Stamos (Albert Peterson), Gina Gershon (Rose Alvarez) & Bill Irwin (Mr. Harry MacAfee) with Jayne Houdyshell (Mrs. Mae Peterson) & Dee Hoty (Mrs. MacAfee). The cast will also feature Matt Doyle (Hugo Peabody), Jake Evan Schwencke (Randolph MacAfee), Allie Trimm (Kim MacAfee) and Nolan Funk as "Conrad Birdie." Robert Longbottom will direct and choreograph Bye Bye Birdie with a book by Michael Stewart, music by Charles Strouse and lyrics by Lee Adams.



September 10, 2009 - January 10, 2010
Tuesday-Saturday at 8:00pm
Wed, Sat & Sun Matinees at 2pm
No performance Nov. 26
Special Friday Mat Nov. 27 at 2pm
Special 7pm curtains
    Dec. 1 - 11, 2009
Special Monday Eve Dec. 21 at 8pm
No performance Dec. 24
No performance Dec. 25
Special Sunday Eve Dec. 27 at 7:30pm
No performance Dec. 31
Special Sunday Jan. 3 at 7:30pm



*Review* Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway, What a Blast!

Feeling the Vibe Review | DATE:October 19, 2009 |

Bye Bye Birdie, a musical taking place in the 1960’s surrounding the adoration of teen girls to the one and only music superstar, Conrad Birdie. The worst news to hit the huge teen fanclub is that Conrad Birdie has been drafted into the army, leaving girls everywhere crying over it.

The musical was turned into a movie in 1963, yet it has been almost 50 years since it was actually on Broadway. In the current production, Allie Trimm plays the lovestruck yet mature Kim McAfee who is chosen to be kissed by Conrad Birdie during his farewell performance before going into the army. Albert Peterson, the neurotic and stressed out songwriter played by John Stamos must write the superstar’s last song, “One Last Kiss” in an attempt to go out with a bang and make a mark on the music industry in a big way. Rosie Alvarez is Albert’s secretary who has been in love with Albert for three years, yet Albert has not been able to do much with that relationship because his mother, Mae, still runs his life. Matt Doyle has the role of Hugo Peabody, Kim McAfee’s steady, whose life is turned upside down when Conrad Birdie (Nolan Gerard Funk) comes to their town of Sweet Apple, Ohio.
On October 11, 2009 we had the chance to preview the show so let’s take a look at the musical at the Roundabout Theater Company’s Henry Miller Theater on 43rd Street in New York City.  First off, it was nice to be inside a new theater. This theater has been completely redone and you can tell, the seats are new and

Roundabout Theatre Company’s Bye Bye Birdie Pictured (l-r): Allison Strong, Julia Knitel, Allie Trimm, Matt Doyle Photo Credit: Joan Marcus, 2009

The restrooms are modern. (hey it’s important) Time for the show, the orchestra began their overture of a medley of all the music from Bye Bye Birdie which certainly energized the audience. You can’t help but smile when you listen to that music. The curtain rises and on stage walks a very different John Stamos. If you’ve seen the well known actor/musician hit the tour trails with the Beach Boys or playing the well known “Dr. Tony Gates” on ER, you will know what we mean. He takes on a completely different persona with Albert Peterson. The fact that he seemed so different right away contests to the fact that he put 100% of himself into understanding the character. His presentation with a suit and thick black rimmed glasses, his apparent fear of getting too close to Rosie, and his consistent bowing down to his overbearing mother, Mrs. Mae Peterson performed by Jayne Houdyshell are quite funny to watch and fire the audience up as they quietly cheer him on to jump out of that shell. John has been working hard and it really shows. We loved the “Put On a Happy Face” number where John sings and begs the Birdie fanclub to be happy even though Conrad Birdie was heading off to the army. John danced around that stage even jumping up on the bench prop while dancing. His voice sounds great and he kept up with those kids on the stage really well. It’s an adorable number and really puts a smile on your face. John is certainly multi-talented.

Roundabout Theatre’s Bye Bye Birdie Pictured (l-r): Catherine Blades, Paul Pilcz, Kevin Shotwell, Deanna Cipolla, Julia Knitel, Riley Costello Photo Credit: Joan Marcus, 2009

Gina Gershon – plays the role of “Rosie Alvarez,” Albert’s secretary/songwriting partner, with a definite edge to her. Gina brings a tougher edge to Rosie than had previously been seen in other productions. We liked the way she took part in the “One Boy” number where she changed her part to “One Guy.”

Nolan Gerard Funk, Conrad Birdie has a fantastic way of creating a singing voice that certainly sounds like the rockers/singers of the 1960’s poodle-skirt era.

Allie Trimm as Kim McAfee brings a fun youthful sense to the story, she sings very well and the excitement in being part of a Broadway musical can be felt through her acting. One major point that stood out to us was the fact that everyone in the young cast of “Birdies” took on the persona of teenagers in the 1960’s so well as if it was quite natural. They were most likely born in the 1990’s and had no trouble with looking, speaking, and acting like kids from the ’60’s. They seem to have so much fun with the entire play. Matt Doyle who has the role of Hugo Peabody is talented in singing and takes on the “square” personality pretty well. Brynn Williams, who plays Ursula, Kim McAfee’s best friend is a blast to watch in the “Sincere” number where she is right near Conrad Birdie as he sings to their town of Sweet Apple, Ohio. Her utter excitement at being near Birdie, and the way her mother tries to cover up for her daughter’s “crazy reaction in dancing” is hilarious.  The colorful costumes also bring this scene to life, love the use of color.  Julia Knitel’s shy seeming persona and great reactions to being within one foot of Conrad Birdie along with her beautiful singing voice heard in the harmonies during “One Boy” certainly make her someone to watch for. Harvey Johnson, played by Paul Pilcz during the ever popular “Telephone Hour” number is too funny.

Telephone Hour BBB

Roundabout Theatre Company’s Bye Bye Birdie (L-R) Brynn Williams, Jillian Mueller, Daniel Quadrino, Emma Rowley, Allison Strong, Jesse Le Protto Photo Credit: Joan Marcus, 2009

The adults also bring much talent to the stage. Kim’s parents, Bill Irwin and Dee Hoty have nice comic timing. Bill’s performance as the quirky straight-laced father is funny but at a point in the play it became a little overdone. It would have worked better if he wasn’t trying to create a comedy out of every single scene but instead space it out.

Bye Bye Birdie is an adorable play with music that will have you wanting to dance in your seat, the lyrics and melodies are catchy you’ll be humming the tunes even once you’re outside the theater. It is a definite must see as the story, music, dancing, and of course the entire cast have a way of taking you away from reality into a period of two hours where you can smile, laugh, and just very much enjoy yourself. Check out these talented kids and adults at the Henry Miller Theater in New York City soon. The musical has just been extended and will run from now until April 25, 2009. Enjoy!





Bye Bye Birdie's design team includes ANDREW JACKNESS (Sets), GREGG BARNES (Costumes), KEN BILLINGTON (Lights), ACME SOUND PARTNERS (Sound), HOWARD WERNER (Projections), DAVID HOLCENBERG (Musical Director), HOWARD JOINES (Musical Coordinator), DAVID BRIAN BROWN (Hair & Wigs), JONATHAN TUNICK (Orchestrations) and DAVID CHASE (Music Supervisor).


As Albert Peterson

Actor/producer John Stamos continues to find success in many different areas of the entertainment world.  He was recently seen starring in NBC’s Emmy Award-winning drama series “ER.”  Stamos played Tony Gates, a maverick, hot-tempered, and flirtatious doctor and Gulf War veteran. His addition to the ensemble cast helped create a resurgence in ratings for one of the longest-running prime-time dramas on TV. Since he joined the cast, the show reached its milestone 300th episode and completed its 15th and final season on NBC.

Stamos has also enjoyed tremendous success on Broadway, most recently starring in the Tony Award-winning NINE.  His Broadway debut came in 1995’sHow to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and, in 2000, he starred as the Emcee in Cabaret, which was very well received.  Through his St. Amos banner, he recently produced and starred in “The Two Mr. Kissels,” a Lifetime original movie based on the true story of two multimillionaire brothers who married the women of their dreams and wound up dead. He is also co-producing a feature film version of the TV Classic “The Jeffersons” for Sony.  Additional producing credits include an Emmy nomination in 2000 for co-producing the ABC miniseries “Beach Boys: An American Family” and the highly rated CBS telefilm “Martin & Lewis.”  Not limiting himself to behind-the-camera work, he was recently seen in Neil Meron and Craig Zadan’s Emmy and Golden Globe nominated adaptation of “A Raisin in the Sun” for ABC.  He was also recently seen starring in the A&E original film “Wedding Wars” as a gay wedding planner who leads a nation wide strike for gay marriage rights.  His additional television film credits include “The Marriage Fool” opposite Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett.  Stamos also starred in ABC’s 2005 comedy “Jake in Progress.”  In 2001, he starred in the ABC romantic comedy “Thieves” about a pair of master thieves who become covert government agents.  USA Today said of his performance, “the real revelation here is Stamos.”  On the big screen, he made his entry into the independent film world in the black comedy Dropping Out, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000 and in the contemporary romantic comedy Grownups.  His recent film credits include the independent films I Am Stamos and Knots.  John currently lives in Los Angeles.



As Rose Alvarez

has enjoyed a successful and diverse career in entertainment, earning acclaim as a film, television and stage actor, as a singer/songwriter/musician and most recently as an author.  Gershon’s prolific film career began when she made her feature debut as a dancer in the 1981 film Beatlemania.  She landed her first speaking role with a memorable turn in John Hughes’ box office hit Pretty in Pink.  In addition to her breakout roles in Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirlsand the Wachowski Brothers’ Bound, Gershon has appeared in such films as Red Heat opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cocktail opposite Tom Cruise, John Sayles’s City of Hope, Robert Altman’s The Player, the John Woo blockbuster Face/Off opposite John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, and Michael Mann’s Oscar-nominated The Insider opposite Al Pacino.

Gershon was most recently in Richard LaGravenese’s P.S. I Love You opposite Hillary Swank and will next be seen in Taylor Hackford’s Love Ranchopposite Helen Mirren.  On television, Gershon’s notable credits include the CBS mini-series, “Sinatra”, the TNT original movie “Legalese”’ opposite James Garner, Kathleen Turner and Mary Louise Parker and David E. Kelley’s action detective drama “Snoops”.  Gershon has recurring roles in ABC’s Emmy Award-winning comedy series “Ugly Betty”, Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for HBO, and FX’s “Rescue Me”.  She recently guest starred on the Danny McBride HBO series “Eastbound & Down”, and will next be seen starring in the Lifetime mini-series “Everything She Ever Wanted”.  Gershon recently made a huge splash on Broadway, receiving rave reviews as the Italian flight attendant Gabriella in the 2008 Tony Award-winning revival ofBoeing Boeing.  She will return to the stage this fall to star in the first-ever Broadway revival of Bye Bye Birdie.  Additional stage credits include a 2001 starring role as Sally Bowles in Sam Mendes’s Broadway revival of Cabaret at Roundabout Theatre Company, the stage plays Camille opposite Kathleen Turner and Jon Robin Baitz’s The Substance of Fire (both at the Long Wharf Theatre), and in Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues.  As a founding member of the New York-based theater company Naked Angels, Gershon has appeared in numerous productions with the company. Gershon also appeared in the original production of William Mastrosimone’s Nanawatai, which opened the Los Angeles Theatre Center.  Having always enjoyed singing and songwriting, Gershon’s musical career blossomed with the independent film Prey for Rock & Roll, receiving critical acclaim for her role as singer/guitarist Jacki. Her powerful turn as a rock performer in this project led Gershon to star in the IFC documentary Rocked, which followed her on the road touring with the indie rock band Girls Against Boys. Gershon’s musical career continues to thrive with her latest CD “In Search of Cleo”, a compilation of original songs with a unique sound that mixes country, rock and jazz. Additionally, Gershon has also played Jew’s harp on recordings for Herbie Hancock, the Scissor Sisters, Rufus Wainwright and Christian McBride.  In 2007, Gershon became a first time author, co-writing a novel for young adults with her brother Dann entitled Camp Creepy Time.



As Mr. Harry MacAfee

recently played Vladimir in Roundabout Theatre Company's production of Waiting for Godot at Studio 54.  He is an original member of Kraken and San Francisco's Pickle Family Circus.  Original works include Fool Moon, Largely New York, The Harlequin Studies, Mr. Fox: A Rumination, The Happiness Lecture, and The Regard of Flight. 

Theatre: Broadway/West End revival of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (2005 Tony Award, Helen Hayes Award), The Goat or Who is Sylvia, Accidental Death of An Anarchist, 5-6-7-8 Dance!, Waiting For Godot, Scapin, The Tempest, Garden of Earthly Delights, Texts for Nothing, A Flea In Her Ear, 2003/2004 Signature Theatre season devoted to his original work, The Seagull, A Man's A Man, 3 Cuckolds.

Television: PBS Great Performances; "Bill Irwin Clown Prince," "Third Rock from the Sun," "Northern Exposure," "Sesame Street," "Elmo's World," "The Regard of Flight," Closing Ceremony 1996 Olympic Games, "The Cosby Show," "The Laramie Project," "Subway Stories," "Bette Midler: Mondo Beyondo," "Law and Order," "Life on Mars," "CSI." Film: Rachel Getting Married, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Igby Goes Down, Lady in the Water, Dark Matter, Raving, Across The Universe, Popeye, Eight Men Out, Silent Tongue, Illuminata, My Blue Heaven, A New Life, Scenes from a Mall, Stepping Out. Awards: National Endowment for the Arts Choreographer's Fellowship, Guggenheim and Fulbright and MacArthur Fellowships.



As Mrs. Mae Peterson

Broadway: WickedWell (2006 Tony Nomination, Theatre World Award Winner 2006).  Off-Broadway: The New Century at Lincoln Center Theater(Outer Critics Circle Nominations, Drama League Nomination), The Receptionist at Manhattan Theatre Club (2008 Lucille Lortel Nomination, Drama League Nomination),  The Pain and the Itch  (2007 Drama League Nomination); Well, Public Theatre (2004 Obie Award and Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle, Lucille Lortel Award Nominations); Much Ado About Nothing, NYSF;  Fighting Words, Playwrights Horizons; True Love, Zipper Theater; Attempts on Her Life, SoHo Rep. Regional Theater: The Pain and The Itch,

Steppenwolf Theatre (2005 Jefferson Award); The Clean House, Wilma Theatre (2005 Barrymore Award), Yale Repertory Theater, McCarter Theatre, Actors Theater of Louisville, Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Missouri Repertory Theater, Syracuse Stage, Geva Theatre, Asolo Theater, Studio Arena Theater, Meadow Brook Theater and many others. Film: Everbody's Fine, Garden State, Changing Lanes, Trust The Man, and Things That Hang From Trees. Television: "Unorthodox", "Conviction", "Law & Order", "Law & Order: Criminal Intent", "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Third Watch"Proud Member of Actors Equity Association.



As Mrs. MacAfee

Broadway credits include: Footloose (Tony Award Nomination); The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public (Tony Award Nomination), The Will Rogers Follies (Tony Award Nomination); Mamma Mia!; City of Angels; Me and My Girl; Big River; The Five O'Clock Girl; Shakespeare's Cabaret. Los Angeles: Dr. Doolittle (opposite Tommy Tune); Mamma Mia! (Donna).

Dee's National Tour credits include: Barnum (opposite Stacy Keach). Favorite Off-Broadway and regional roles include Kay Thompson in Stormy Weatherat Pasadena Playhouse & Prince Music Theater (Barrymore Award); Follies at the Paper Mill Playhouse and creating roles in Lanford Wilson's Book of Days and Arthur Laurents' Two Lives.  Her recent television and film credits include The Understudy, "Law & Order", "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" Dee is working on workshop productions of Dangerous Beauty and Elf: the Musical.  She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and a graduate of Otterbein College.



As Conrad Birdie

One of Hollywood's rising stars, Nolan Gerard Funk is best known to family audiences for his starring role as Nikko in the Columbia Records/Nickelodeon movie Spectacular! Nickelodeon premiered Spectacular! in February 2009 and over 14 million viewers watched the first week it aired in the United States. With the number one soundtrack and a top ten album on itunes, Funk also had his first song on the billboard charts, "Break My Heart".

Receiving rave reviews for his performance, this showcased the former national gymnast as a unique triple threat.  Spectacular! is yet to be released internationally. Funk has made numerous guest starring appearances on TV series including "The L Word", "Smallville", "Supernatural", "Lie to Me" and a recurring role on "Aliens in America". He most recently played an elitist prep school murderer on ABC's "Castle". His movie appearances include X2 and the upcoming films Triple Dog and Bereavement opposite Alexandra Daddario (Fox's Percy Jackson). A diverse performer, he played real life rapist Michael Magidson in Lifetime's The Gwen Araujo Story by Oscar nominated director Agnieszka Holland. He also played a tormented jock in Deadgirl, which screened at the Toronto Film Festival in 2008. Funk received a Leo Award nomination in 2007 for his work on the youth television and had his first live performance this year with David Archuleta at New York City's Hard Rock Cafe. He is a spokesperson for Nickelodeon's "The Big Green Help" and has publicly supported the charity organization Champions Against Bullying.



As Hugo Peabody

Broadway: Spring Awakening.  National Tour: Spring Awakening.  NY Theatre:  The Butcherhouse (SPF), Lunch (NY Musical Theatre Festival).  Film: Once More with Feeling.  TV: "Gossip Girl" (recurring).  Recording:  "Bare: A Pop Opera".  LAMDA:  Titus Andronicus, The Relapse, Much Ado About Nothing, Women Beware of Women


As Randolph MacAfee

Neil McCaffrey, age 11, is thrilled to be playing Randolph in this production.  His most recent role was Michael Banks in Broadway's Mary Poppins.  Neil thanks his vocal coach, Margaret Anne Gates, his agent Dina Bogner and Mickey McNany at the Paper Mill Playhouse.  A special thanks to Kara, Leigh, Mom and Dad.



As Kim MacAfee

A San Diego native, she made her Broadway debut in Jason Robert Brown's 13, the Musical in the role of Patrice.  Regional: 13 (Patrice), Goodspeed;The Secret Garden, Festival of Christmas '05, '07, Lamb's Players Theater; How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, Old Globe Theatre. TV:  "30 Rock". Readings: Georgia Stitt's, Water; A.D. Penedo and Marshall Pailet's On a Glorious Day. Allie will sing the National Anthem for the Los Angeles Dodgers this summer.



As Deborah Sue Miller

is 17 years old from Cedar Rapids, IA and is thrilled to be making her Broadway debut in Roundabout Theatre's revival of Bye Bye Birdie. Catherine played Amaryllis in the National Tour of The Music Man. Regional: Ruthless (Tina Denmark). Other favorites: The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy), Peter Pan(Peter Pan), Fiddler on the Roof (Chava) and The Secret Garden (Mary Lennox).



As Penelope Ann Henkel

is honored to make her Broadway Debut at the age of 14!  Previous experience includes  various soundtracks , NY Pops 25th Birthday Gala, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sincere thanks to Roundabout Theatre, Jim Carnahan casting, family, friends, Visitation Academy, PPAS, Locker School of Dance and Camp Broadway.  Special gratitude to James Donegan, Marc Tumminelli, Mom (my dance teacher) & Dad.



As Mrs. Johnson, Gloria Rasputin

Broadway: Curtains, The Pajama Game, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Kiss Me, Kate, Damn Yankees,  Crazy for You,  A Chorus Line. Also: Cabaret (w/Joel Grey), Queen of Hearts (Princess Di), Dames at Sea (Joan; Garland, Dean B. Goodman Awards). TV: "Law & Order," "As the World Turns," PBS' "Carmen Sandiego" (Mediva). Husband: David. Sons: Kyler and Dashiell.



As Herman Henkel

Broadway: 13, the Musical. Other NY: Sick Bastard (Reading); 101 Dalmations, Bye Bye Birdie, The BoyfriendSingin' in the Rain (Broadway by the Bay);The Secret Garden, Big, The Music Man, The Pajama Game (Hillbarn Theatre). (Broadway League Presentation). Regional: Bye Bye Birdie, The Boyfriend,Singin' in the Rain (Broadway by the Bay); The Secret Garden, Big, The Music Man, The Pajama Game (Hillbarn Theatre).



As Mr. Johnson

Broadway: The Little Mermaid, The Producers,  Jekyll & Hyde. Off-Broadway: Batboy,  When Pigs Fly! TV: "30 Rock," "Law & Order." Film: "Last Night," "The Producers." Solo CD: Count the Stars.   



As Mrs. Miller

Roundabout: Sunday in the Park With George, 110 in the Shade, Company. Broadway & NY: Road Show, Mother Courage w Meryl Streep, Lestat, Passion & Into the Woods (both original cast), Jerome Robbins' Broadway, and Cats (original cast). Mamma Mia! (#1 Tour as Donna Sheridan). Numerous leading roles in regional theater. Concerts & Recordings: 4 @ Carnegie Hall, 3 @ Encores!, and many more. Much tv/ film/ soaps/ PBS.



As Mr. Henkel

Broadway debut. Off-B'way: Incident at Vichy, The Eccentricities of a Nightingale, Young Girl and the Monsoon, Chaos Theories, Big Doolie. Regional:Guthrie TheatreAlliance Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Film/TV: "Law & Order," "Law & Order: SVU,"  "Lipstick Jungle." Member TACT (The Actors Company Theatre). CCM Graduate and studied with Uta Hagen.



As Mrs. Edna Garfein

Broadway: Curtains (Jessica Cranshaw), The Woman In White, La Cage Aux Folles, Kiss Me Kate, Ragtime, and The Phantom of the Opera.   NYC performances: Jerry Springer, the Opera; Show Boat; South Pacific (PBS) and Candide (PBS) with the New York Philharmonic. 



As Mrs. Merkle, Beautician

Broadway:  The Rose Tattoo.  Off-Broadway:  Sarah/Sarah (MTC), Cakewalk & Death Defying Acts (Variety Arts).  Nat'l Tour:  Ken Hill's Phantom.  Regional: Many, including:  Emma,  World Premiere (Cincinnati Playhouse), Wintertime (ACT, Seattle), Distracted (TheatreWorks, CA).  TV:  All three "L&O's," "Ed," "As The World Turns."



As Swing

Broadway: Spring Awakening. Regional/Tour: Scooge The Musical, The Who's Tommy, Jesus Christ Superstar, Pippin. Readings: Captain Louie. Proud AEA member.



As Swing

Broadway: Cats, Les Miserables, Dreamgirls, Snoopy, Woman of the Year, Chess AFA Concert, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, AFA Concert.  Off-Broadway: Sheba, Dali, Cummings & Goings, Close Enough for Jazz, Odyssey, Sweet Mainstreet , Radio City Music Hall.  Regional: Silk Stockings, Lady in the Dark, Cinderella, Fanny, Gift of the Magi, Tintypes, Three Musketeers, Miracles in Glastonbury National Tour: Annie. Television: "Law & Order," "One Life to Live," "Another World," "All My Children," "The Rosie O'Donnell Show," "Late Night with David Letterman," "The Today Show." Recordings: Hair ,Cast Album (2006 Grammy Nomination); Out of Nowhere, The Two Siberians; The Web, Tropical Escape-Craig Peyton; Dancing with the Lion, Andreas Vollenweider; Nina Hennessey Live at the Metropolitan Room.



As Mrs. Henkel

Broadway/Nat'l Tour: Grease (Cha Cha), Joseph...Dreamcoat (Narrator), Hairspray. Regional: Miss Saigon (Ellen) Pioneer Theatre Co, Romeo & Bernadette (Bernadette) Papermill/Coconut Grove; Camille Claudel & Brigadoon, Goodspeed; Footloose (Rusty); WSS (Anita); 2002 Olympic Torch Ceremony (Nat'l Anthem). Omaha Symphony Soloist. Training: Bachelor of Music, NYU.



As Alice Johnson

is ecstatic to be making her Broadway debut at sweet sixteen! Paper Mill Playhouse 2009 Rising Star Best Actress award recipient and National High School Musical Theater Award nominee. Thanks to mom & dad for the vocal coaching and the endless support. Love to all family and friends!



As Freddie Merkle

Broadway: Original cast of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2007 & 2007), Boy From Oz (vacation u/s); National Tours: Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Broadway's Leading Men; Off Broadway: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (NY City Center Encore Series, Sugar Beats, People Garden; TV: Maury Povich, "Law & Order: SVU", "One Life to Live".  Thanks to Nancy Carson, everyone at For Dancers Only and Fine Arts Conection, and special thanks to my supportive family.



As Mr. Miller

Broadway: Les Miserables, Side Show, Mamma Mia. Off Broadway: Forbidden Broadway, Perfect Crime. Regional: Man of La Mancha - Cervantes/Don Quixote, Zhivago -Komarofsky, Adrift in Macao - Mitch Boonton, Lucky Duck - Wolf. Radio City Music Hall - Santa. T.V. - "All My Children" - Barney Paulson. Love to Julie,Meghan and Alyssa.



As Mr. Merkle

Broadway: The Color Purple, Parade, Swing, Smokey Joe's Cafe', Thou Shalt Not, The Boys from Syracuse and The Little Mermaid. National Tours of Les Miserables and Joseph ...Dreamcoat. TV: "Law and Order," recurring role of Judge Everret Mason. Numerous roles on "Law and Order CI and SVU." Numerous national and regional commercials and daytime dramas. Love to my wife Kim and our boys Trevor and Marcus.



As Nancy Henkel

is thrilled to be part of the cast of Bye Bye Birdie. Broadway: two holiday seasons of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical. New York credits: Warsaw (NYMF) and Le Corsaire with ABT at the Metropolitan Opera House. Jillian has also performed regionally at the Count Basie Theater. Many thanks to her teachers, family and Jack for their support. Special thanks to Granger and the band.



As Harvey Johnson

Paul is thrilled to be making his Broadway debut in Bye Bye Birdie. Training: Montclair State University's BFA Musical Theatre Program, The Fine and Performing Arts Center (FPAC) in Freehold Regional High School District. Favorite Roles include: You're A Good Man Charlie Brown (Schroeder), West Side Story (Big Deal). Special thanks to Dina Bogner at Generation TV, TM Talent, his teachers, friends, mom, dad, Stephanie and Shari for all of their love and support!



As Mitch Miller

Daniel is thrilled to be making his Broadway debut with such an amazing cast! He would like to thank his mom, dad, and brother for all their love and support. He couldn't have done it without them! BIG thanks to Jim Carnahan Casting for such a great opportunity.



As Margie Garfein

Broadway: Gypsy w/ Patti Lupone (Baby Louise).  Off Broadway: New York City Center Encore's Gypsy.  Performed with Charles Strouse when The New York Pops presented Once Upon a Time and Tomorrow: The Best of Charles Strouse at Carnegie Hall. Regional: Secret GardenAnnie.  Reading:  A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  Other performances:  National Anthem for the Washington Nationals; New York Pops 25th Anniversary Gala at Carnegie Hall. Emma would like to thank Mr. Strouse for his support and encouragement.  Love to Baby Jay. 



As Mayor Garfein

Broadway: Wonderful Town (Lonigan), Les Miserables (Jean Valjean), Guys and Dolls, Sunset Boulevard, King David, The Scarlet Pimpernel. Santa @ Radio City. Natl. Tours: The Light in the Piazza, Les Miserables, Bernstein's MASS at Carnegie Hall/Kennedy Center. 1st show: Bye Bye Birdie 35 years ago. "Goin Steady" with J+J!



As Roger Garfein

is honored to be making his Broadway debut in this amazing revival of Bye Bye Birdie. He is a native of Delaware who has been involved in many productions throughout the region.  Favorite roles include West Side Story (Riff),  Children of Eden (Cain), and Big River (Huck).



As Helen Miller

Broadway debut! Currently pursuing a BFA in Musical Theatre at Montclair State University, NJ.  NY:  The White Rose (reading), York Theatre Co.  Regional: New Voices of 2006, 2007  (Paper Mill Playhouse). For her grandma, Mamita, who passed away just days before Allison received the wonderful news about Birdie casting.



As Swing

Broadway: Gypsy. Off Broadway: Under The Bridge. Many regional productions & National Dance Awards.  Praise to the Lord for giving me the ability to perform & Love to Mom, Dad, Rachel, Josh, family, & Friends. Special thanks to Jennifer & the Gang at BAA! 


As Maude

Credits include Crazy For You and Follies: In Concert (PBS), Guys and Dolls, The Music Man, And The World Goes Round, Sweeney Todd, 42nd Street, and Merrily We Roll Along. With brother, Bob, wrote Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical. 



As Ursula Merkle

Broadway credits: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, In My Life, ...Grinch, 13. TV/film: "The Naked Brothers Band", "Between the Lions'', "Star Search'', ''Live in Hollywood'' . Other: Pittsburgh Steelers' 75th Anniversary Gala. Thanks to GOD, Mommy, Grandy, Barry Kolker, KRS Entertainment Group, Toby Orenstein, Amelia DeMayo.



As Ensemble

Broadway: Crazy For You. National Tour: Big, The Musical. NY: Disappearing Act, Out of This World. Regional: Dancing in the Dark (The Old Globe), She Loves Me (Paper Mill), Call Me Madam, George M! (Goodspeed).